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Mortgage and Debt Free

Lose your Mortgage, not your Money

How are you to become mortgage and debt free when 55-65% of your money is already consumed by debt and taxes?  What could possibly help you keep more of the money you currently earn? 

There are many theories on how to eliminate debt and pay off a mortgage early.  Perhaps the most well known is sending biweekly payments to the financial institution.  However, even though the majority of Americans are aware of this method, only 5% actually enroll with their bank.  Another theory is to simply send extra mortgage payments each month.  Again, the statistics show that only 6.5% make extra mortgage payments.

Why?  What is it that keeps well intentioned people from using these various systems and theories?  The answer is life and fear!  The immediacy of life distracts us and the fear of what might happen keeps most of us from doing the things these theories promote.

Financial Mathematics

With the variety of debts that consume our flow of money, how do we navigate our way to eliminating debt
?  How can we be sure we are using every penny to our benefit?

Factorial math tells us that with six debts, there are seven hundred twenty possible avenues of payment.  With all of these possibilities, only one is the fastest.  How can we possibly determine that on our own?   What is needed is a GPS for our finances, or financial intelligence, that determines the quickest route for us; something that
eliminates the guesswork and provides immediate feedback to our daily financial decisions.

Perhaps you have resigned yourself to believing that there is no solution.  But, let me assure you there is a fast, safe, and easy way to eliminate your debt, including your mortgage.  You can join the tens of thousands of homeowners that have paid off $355 million in principal over the last three years.  This has been done without refinancing a current mortgage, without major changes in day-to-day spending habits and without increasing minimum required monthly payments.  Mortgages, loans, and debts can be paid off in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 of the regular time.

Debt Relief Tips, Financial Vision

If you are looking for debt relief tips, this is it.  It is more than a financial tracking system, it is financial calculus.  It can truly set your money free.  You will find no other system that will get you out of debt faster.  It works while you manage the rest of your life; finding the quickest path to eliminating your debt and guiding you into making sound financial decisions.

Our free software analysis will show you exactly what it can do for YOU!  You have nothing to lose, except your mortgage.  CLICK HERE to begin keeping your money for yourself.