Money Set Free

Who Owns Your Money?

Our Predicament

With the instability of the economy over the last couple of years, many have begun to question the traditional thinking behind financing, investing, retirement, and wealth management products.  Perhaps you have asked yourself, what is my retirement future and what can be done today to bring security to my finances?  Finance transformation, alternate investment management, new retirement options, and a different wealth management process must be considered.

Do you have a system that not only allows you to eliminate debt (if needed), but helps you accumulate cash?  Do  you have a place to put money that is guaranteed not to lose principal?  Do you have a private reserve that keeps money in your pocket instead of transferring it to others?  What if you could begin paying yourself interest instead of losing that money to some other financial institution?

Finance Transformation

Much of the money we earn is spent paying interest on the debts we currently have.  Since you have those debts, what if there was a way to recapture those interest charges for yourself rather than pay them to others?  What if you could begin your very own "family bank" to build a storehouse of funds for you to use when needed?  It is possible using established products to accomplish this goal.

Alternate Investment and Retirement Income Solutions

The main problem with most investment options available today is the risk involved with them.  The past few years have opened the eyes of many who believed their investments were safe and continually growing.  However, the key to investing that most people forget is to not lose principal.  Warren Buffet, perhaps the greatest investor alive today, believes that not losing money is the most important aspect to investing.  Even with a "diversified" portfolio, we have seen that it can still leave us in a quandary.  Ask a handful of baby boomers how their retirement plans have changed due to the drop in the stock market.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Transfer of any money you accumulate to potential heirs is a final, but sometimes overlooked aspect of financial management.  You worked hard for the things you have and desire that your loved ones be blessed with those things.  However, if you are not careful, those things can be drained from your "tank".  Probate costs and taxes can consume the majority of what you have built and leave little to those you love.  Learn how you can eliminate these and transfer your wealth tax free.